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Caribbean Fun

October 6, 2018

We did the Caribbean festival and let me tell you it was a blast! The heat was hot but the food, fun, and drinks we even hotter! The Caribbean festival showcased man cultures in the Caribbean. From Trinidadians to Dominicans, all cultures were present and ready to be proud. The food was dynamic! The curry was absolutely delicious and the Lemonade!?!? Let's say I spent way more than I should have.  People were a bit apprehensive about our mirror booth. Many just walked around with curious looks and some were bold enough to ask "what in the world is this!!?" And those bold enough to ask, were also bold enough to get their pic taken!  The one thing we did discover was that the sun was so hot that it throw off the touch screen features. Remedy was solved however, we bought an extend tent to keep the booth cool until the night time hours. I guess it was a little too hot! But no worries! Once we were about to fix that issues we were back on top! 





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